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                                  • I have two multiselect parameters (A,B) and they both have Dynamic lookups.  parameter B is a cascading parameter that relies on the value of A.
                                    B is bound to a table called "myTable" that has two columns "flag1" and "flag2" both columns are boolean type

                                    I need to write a Filter String that checks for this:
                                    If A is 1 > Filter "myTable" where flag1 = true
                                    if A is 2 Filter "myTable" where flag2 = true
                                    if A is 1,2 get all rows of table.

                                    How I can read the values of Parameter A when its multiselect?

                                    i'm trying to get something like this working

                                    Iif(?A= 1, [flag1] = 'Yes', ?A= 2, [flag2] = 'Yes', [flag1] = 'Yes' Or [flag2] = 'Yes')

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                                Hello Yassir,
                                I suggest that you try to specify the following filter string for your second parameter: "1 In (?parameter1) And [Flag1] Or 2 In (?parameter1) And [Flag2]".

                                Please refer to the video I attached for you. Does this solution meet your requirements?