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                                  • Hello.

                                    I've have problem with dxResponsive box widget. I am trying to implement simple layout with one row and two columns(one colum baseSize = 30%, other - 70%). I've had setup one colum to show only on "lg" screen., and second is implement as follows:

                                      location : [{ screen : "xs sm md", row: 0, col : 1, colspan : 2}, {screen : "lg", row : 0, col :1}

                                    First column correctly hides in content on smaller as lg screens, but second column does not spans on "xs sm md" screens. Could You help me to solve this issue ?

                                    Here is the link to jsfiddle:


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                                You need to specify the singleColumnScreen option.

                                Please check the following example -

                                See Arrange Layout Elements that describes a similar scenario.

                                Let us know if this suggestion helps.

                                • Kęstutis Rutavičius 08.15.2019

                                  Hmm, somehow it totally forgot this settings, maybe I've overlooked this simple scenario :)

                                  Many thanks for quick and detailed response, really appreciate it.