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                                  • Hi,

                                    I'm looking into incorporating the DevExtreme react library into our pre-existing React web application.  Specifically, the new library we select needs to be able to support exporting/printing our data grids and Charts (Bar, Pie, etc...) into both PDF and Excel formats.

                                    I tried searching the documentation but wasn't able to verify whether this is or is not supported, so I was wondering if you could provide clarity on whether the react library will support this?  If it does not, could you also include when, if ever, you expect that functionality to be available?


                                • Lena (DevExpress Support) 08.15.2019

                                  Hello Nick,

                                  Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we need a bit more time to finish working on our answer to your inquiry. Thanks so much for your patience.

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                                Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. DevExtreme provides two React component libraries: DevExtreme React Components, which are wrappers over DevExtreme widgets and DevExtreme Reactive Components. I suggest you refer to this blog post for a detailed comparison of the two libraries.

                                DevExtreme React Components:
                                DataGrid exports data to Excel. Export to PDF is in our RoadMap (Data Export section) and we are going to implement it in one of future releases. Printing functionality is not in our immediate plans.
                                DataGrid - Export To Excel React Demo

                                Charts support printing and export to PNG, PDF, JPEG, SVG, and GIF.
                                Chart - Client-Side Exporting and Printing

                                DevExtreme Reactive Components
                                We have plans to implement Grid exporting. Please take a look at the 'Native React Grid' section. As for the possible workaround, I suggest you review the Allow data export from the Grid GitHub issue.
                                Chart exporting is not in our immediate plans. Nevertheless, we have a demo illustrating how to export it using 3rd-party libraries - React Chart Export Demo.

                                Let me know if you have additional questions. Me and my colleagues will be happy to assist you.

                                • Customer94279 08.19.2019

                                  Hey Lena - Thank you so much for providing this information, it was very helpful!

                                  I actually do have one further question, which is whether TreeList (in DevExtreme React Component lib) supports export to Excel/PDF at present as well?  Or if it will in the future?


                                • Customer94279 08.19.2019

                                  Apologies - but to clarify, i'd like to know if exporting is/will be supported in both the React Wrappers and the Reactive Components libraries.  Thanks!

                                • Lena (DevExpress Support) 08.19.2019

                                  Hi again,

                                  TreeList from the React wrappers library doesn't support the exporting functionality. However, we are tracking all the customer requests regarding this feature in order to consider implementing this functionality in the future.

                                  As for the reactive components, Grid support tree data binding - demo, so the above approach is applicable for the tree data and you can implement exporting using the 3rd-party plugins.

                                  Please let me know if you need any further assistance.