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                                  • Hello,

                                    It's me or the group postion in the dxForm running less with the new version in place of the older.
                                    In attachment is a exmple make on a computer but we see directly the difference on a smartphone.
                                    I am sure, i don't have this problem on older version.

                                    This screen is a old one and running perfectly in the past. I have change no code....

                                    I give you the code of the exemple for for information

                                    @(Html.DevExtreme().Form<CTIWeb.Models.ViewDbContext.AvailabilityFilter>() .ShowValidationSummary(true) .Items(items => { items.AddButton() .HorizontalAlignment(HorizontalAlignment.Left) .ButtonOptions(b => b .Text(new JS("formatMessage('Refresh')")) .Type(ButtonType.Danger) .UseSubmitBehavior(true) .OnClick("RefreshClick") .Icon("refresh") //.UseSubmitBehavior(true) ); items.AddGroup() .CssClass("second-group") .Items(groupItems => { groupItems.AddSimpleFor(m => m.EquipmentId) .Label(l => l.Text(new JS("formatMessage('Equipment')"))) .Editor(e => e .TagBox() .ID("tbEquipment") .DataSource(d => d.Mvc().LoadAction("GetEquipment").Key("EquipmentId")) .DisplayExpr("Name") .ValueExpr("EquipmentId") .ShowSelectionControls(true) .DeferRendering(false) .OnContentReady("SelectAllEquipments")); groupItems.AddGroup() .ColCount(4) .Items(secondGroupItems => { secondGroupItems.AddSimpleFor(m => m.BeginDate) .Label(l => l.Text(new JS("formatMessage('BeginDate')"))) .Editor(e => e .DateBox() .ID("dbBeginDate") .Type(DateBoxType.DateTime) .ShowClearButton(true).Width(250) ) .IsRequired(false); secondGroupItems.AddButton() .HorizontalAlignment(HorizontalAlignment.Left) .ButtonOptions(b => b .Text(new JS("formatMessage('Today0')")) .Type(ButtonType.Danger) .OnClick("SetToday0") .Icon("revert") //.UseSubmitBehavior(true) ); secondGroupItems.AddSimpleFor(m => m.EndDate) .Label(l => l.Text(new JS("formatMessage('EndDate')"))) .Editor(e => e .DateBox() .ID("dbEndDate") .Type(DateBoxType.DateTime) .ShowClearButton(true).Width(250) ) .IsRequired(false); secondGroupItems.AddButton() .HorizontalAlignment(HorizontalAlignment.Left) .ButtonOptions(b => b .Text(new JS("formatMessage('Current')")) .Type(ButtonType.Danger) .OnClick("SetCurrentDate") .Icon("revert") //.UseSubmitBehavior(true) ); }); }); }) .FormData(Model) ) }

                                    It's me or the are a problem ?

                                    Waiting for your answer because at least 10 pages are impacted by this effect,


                                • Artem (DevExpress Support) 08.19.2019

                                  Thank you for the screenshot. The issue is unknown to us and it's not clear how to reproduce it from scratch.
                                  Would you please specify what previous version you used and create a test example with a stand-alone Form demonstrating what Bootstrap classes become overridden in action?
                                  You can use our Project Template as a starting point.
                                  Your time and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

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