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                                Hi Puneet,
                                Thank you for the detailed description. I checked our Support Center and found the following tickets describing how to complete this task:
                                DataGrid - How to use TagBox for editing in Angular
                                DataGrid - TagBox doesn't save values if it's defined inside editCellTemplate
                                The main idea is to implement editCellTemplate to define custom editors and pass changes to the grid using the setValue method. See Customize Editors describing this approach step by step.
                                If you encounter any issues with this case, post an example demonstrating your current progress. You can use one of our demos for this purpose. Extract a demo into a stand-alone example using the"Copy To CodeSandBox" button and modify it using the "Save"button to apply changes. Then, post the updated link here for furtherexamination. Or, you can use our project template as a starting point. We'll do our best toput you on the right track.