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                                You should refresh the page.
                                  • Overlay and side menu elements get same z-index values when side menu is opened from hamburger button.
                                    This causes overlay to flow over menu making the menu unaccessible.
                                    Applied theme doesn't seem to have any effect on this.
                                    See attached screenshot for CSS markup and browser results.

                                    <dx:ASPxMenu ID="mnu" runat="server"> <SettingsAdaptivity CollapseToSideMenuAtWindowInnerWidth="10000" Enabled="true" EnableCollapseToSideMenu="true" SideMenuExpandMode="OverlayContent" /> <Items> <dx:MenuItem Text="Menu 1"></dx:MenuItem> <dx:MenuItem Text="Menu 2"></dx:MenuItem> <dx:MenuItem Text="Menu 3"></dx:MenuItem> <dx:MenuItem Text="Menu 4"></dx:MenuItem> </Items> </dx:ASPxMenu> <dx:ASPxGridView ID="ASPxGridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> </dx:ASPxGridView>
                                • Paul V (DevExpress Support) 08.13.2019


                                  I used your code and everything seems to be working with no issues. I've attached a sample and a video to demonstrate how it works. If you need to select items, then enable the AllowSelectItem property. You can also modify my project according to your scenario so I can reproduce the issue on my side and provide you with a solution.

                                • Ville Frantti 08.13.2019

                                  Yeah, thanks.

                                  Looks like this has been fixed in 19.1.5 version.
                                  The issue appears in 18.2.7 version which I was using.
                                  Gonna have to update my project...

                                • Paul V (DevExpress Support) 08.14.2019

                                  Hello Ville,

                                  Let me know if the issue exists after updating your project.

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