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                                  • I understand that ASPxDocumentView is now depreciated from v19 onwards.

                                    I have started to convert reports in an application from ASPxDocumentViewer to ASPxWebDocumentViewer.

                                    It's a requirement for the application that the right pane which contains the parameters be hidden - the current design is that there are parameters for the reports which are passed to the stored procedures (report data source),  but the client requires that the right pane be hidden as the parameter values are generated by code elsewhere in the application.

                                    I have noted from other questions that it is possible to hide the pane using css, but that solution may need changing with each new version of xtrareports.

                                    Is there any way of ensuring that the right pane is hidden on a permanent basis (in other words replicating the functionality available with the ASPxDocumentViewer?).
                                    This is regarded as a "must have" for the application.

                                    If the right pane can't be hidden we will need to revert back to the ASPxDocumentviewer.

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                                The Parameters Panel is not shown if the Visible property of all report parameters is set to False. You can also hide the entire Right Panel by handling the client-side CustomizeElements event in the following manner:

                                function OnCustomizeElements(s, e) { var rightpanel = e.getbyid(; var index = e.elements.indexof(rightpanel); e.elements.splice(index, 1); }

                                Should you have further questions, please let me know.

                                • Michael Manning 1 08.12.2019

                                  Great thanks Andrey.  That looks like it solves the issue for my situation.