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                                  • Case: I have a dockmanger structured like this:

                                    <dxdo:DockLayoutManager Name="dockLayoutManager1" FloatingMode="Desktop" ClosedPanelsBarPosition="Bottom" ClosedPanelsBarVisibility="Auto" Grid.Row="1" DestroyLastDocumentGroup="False" ShowFloatWindowsInTaskbar="False" FloatingDocumentContainer="Default" > <dxdo:DockLayoutManager.LayoutRoot> <dxdo:LayoutGroup Name="Root" AllowClose="True" AllowHide="False" HeaderBarContainerControlAllowDrop="True"> <dxdo:DocumentGroup x:Name="documentGroup1" ShowCloseButton="False" MDIStyle="MDI" AllowClose="False" AllowHide="False"> <!--<dxdo:DocumentPanel Caption="Test"></dxdo:DocumentPanel>--> </dxdo:DocumentGroup> </dxdo:LayoutGroup> </dxdo:DockLayoutManager.LayoutRoot> </dxdo:DockLayoutManager>

                                    In code, I add MDI document panels to it.  When I have focus on the document panel, I can do a cntrl + tab and a Devexpress popup window opens and allows selecting one of the document panels.  My goal is to tie into the event that is being raised by this popup window and when a document panel is selected, scroll down the window to the activated/selected document panel. In other words, scroll down to where it is visible.  Another option is to bring the document panel selected up to the top of the current window.  This little popup is a nice feature, but if it only activates a document panel that is way down outside the visible window, it is limited.

                                    I cannot find in the documentation where this event is and which object it is available in.  I've tried everything.


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                                Hello Glen,

                                Am I correct that you want to bring the MDI panel into view when an end-user activates it by using the Ctrl+Tab key combination? For this, it should be sufficient to call this panel's BringIntoView method when the MDIItemActivated event is raised in your DockLayoutManager:

                                private void DockLayoutManager1_MDIItemActivated(object sender, DevExpress.Xpf.Docking.Base.MDIItemActivatedEventArgs ea) { ea.Item.BringIntoView(); }


                                <dxdo:DockLayoutManager Name="dockLayoutManager1" MDIItemActivated="{DXEvent Handler='@c.Item.BringIntoView()'}" ...>

                                Please try this approach and let me know your results.

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                                • Glen Herman 08.14.2019

                                  This worked perfectly.  Thanks for the help.

                                • Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support) 08.14.2019

                                  I'm happy to hear that. You are always welcome, Glen!