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                                  • How to change these wording for filter builder? Figure for more details.


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                                Use the built-in localization capabilities to translate these strings to another language. Find the Localization article in our documentation and review the corresponding demo at demos.

                                Drop me a line if you need additional assistance.

                                • Nipon Akarapimand 08.08.2019

                                  I mean where am I change wording like this 

                                • Ilya (DevExpress Support) 08.09.2019

                                  There is no public API to customize Filter Builder labels. Therefore, I suggest you utilize our localization API to accomplish this task. Find the corresponding key in the dx.messages.en.js file (you can review it at CDN) and override it in a custom dictionary using loadMessages() as demonstrated in the sample.

                                • Ilya (DevExpress Support) 08.09.2019

                                  Just a follow up note.
                                  To rename filter builder operations, you can use the following API.