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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T749377: Need to have an explorer as in file explorer]

                                    Regarding the tree list view, I was able to implement the tree list using 'Child Nodes Path' approach of Hierarchical Data Structure. Now I have a few things to be changed for this.

                                    3. How can i give the selected item manually and scroll into view that item in the tree view? if the selected item is something inside child nodes i want the nodes to expand and select the item and bring into view.

                                    Any help is much appreciated


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                                Hello Alfred,

                                When you set GridControl's CurrentItem to a corresponding data item, this control automatically brings a corresponding node into view. Note that you need to disable EnableDynamicLoading if your tree has more than two levels. When this functionality is enabled, TreeListView does not load child nodes unless their parents are expanded. That is why, when this functionality is enabled, you cannot select child items using this approach.

                                Alternatively, you can manually traverse through nodes, find a target one, and select it. Refer to this article to learn more: How to: Iterate Through Nodes via the Node Iterator.

                                Let me know if you have additional questions.


                                • Alfred Manoj 08.21.2019

                                  Thanks! It worked. 

                                • Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support) 08.21.2019

                                  I'm happy to hear that. You are always welcome, Alfred.