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                                  • In a drawer if i don't have icons for each list item, how can it collapse completely instead of leaving just enough space for the icons?

                                    I am using the recommended project template.

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                                You can set minSize to 0 to achieve this task. In addition, it's necessary to remove the minSize option change in the updateDrawer function:

                                function updateDrawer() { var isXSmall = breakpoints.xSmallMedia.matches, isLarge = breakpoints.largeMedia.matches; getDrawer().option({ openedStateMode: isLarge ? "shrink" : "overlap", revealMode: isXSmall ? "slide" : "expand", // minSize: 0, shading: !isLarge, }); }

                                Try this approach and let us know your results.

                                • Konstantinos Alifantis 08.07.2019

                                  Thank you, i was missing the bit about the updateDrawer function.