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                                  • I have an application that is throwing the following error on a single machine.
                                    Do you have any suggestions on how to track down the problem?

                                    Exception Source: DevExpress.Utils.v19.1
                                    Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException
                                    Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
                                    Exception Target Site: Process
                                    ---- Stack Trace ----
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DirectXPaint.StretchTileEffect.Process(image As ID2D1Image, options As ICustomEffectOptions)
                                    app.exe: N 00076
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DirectXPaint.CustomEffectFactory.Process(type As CustomEffectType, image1 As ID2D1Image, image2 As ID2D1Image, options As ICustomEffectOptions, release As Boolean)
                                    app.exe: N 00453
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DirectXPaint.<>c__DisplayClass294_0.<DrawStretchImage>b__0(img As ID2D1Image, imgBounds As Rectangle)
                                    app.exe: N 00217
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DirectXPaint.DirectXPaint.DrawSkinElementCore(info As SkinElementInfo, image As Image, scaleImageFunc As Func`3, imageBounds As Rectangle, destBounds As Rectangle)
                                    app.exe: N 00267
                                    DevExpress.Utils.DirectXPaint.DirectXPaint.DrawStretchImage(info As SkinElementInfo, getImage As Func`1, imageBounds As Rectangle, destBounds As Rectangle, stretch As SkinImageStretch, margins As SkinPaddingEdges)
                                    app.exe: N 00358
                                    DevExpress.Skins.SkinElementPainter.DrawImageStretchTile(info As SkinElementInfo, paddingEdgesData As SkinPaddingEdges, getImage As Func`1, imageBounds As Rectangle, destBounds As Rectangle, stretch As SkinImageStretch, imageIndex As Int32)
                                    app.exe: N 00142
                                    DevExpress.Skins.SkinElementPainter.DrawSkinImage(elementInfo As SkinElementInfo, skinImage As SkinImage, padding As SkinPaddingEdges)
                                    app.exe: N 01124
                                    DevExpress.Skins.SkinElementPainter.DrawSkinImage(elementInfo As SkinElementInfo, skinImage As SkinImage)
                                    app.exe: N 00030
                                    DevExpress.Skins.SkinElementPainter.DrawObject(e As ObjectInfoArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00624
                                    DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.ObjectPainter.DrawObject(cache As GraphicsCache, painter As ObjectPainter, e As ObjectInfoArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00086
                                    DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.SkinGridGroupPanelPainter.DrawObject(e As ObjectInfoArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00192
                                    app.exe: N 00247
                                    app.exe: N 00029
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.Drawing.GridPainter.DrawGroupPanel(e As GridViewDrawArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00662
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.Drawing.GridPainter.DrawContentsCore(e As GridViewDrawArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00529
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.Drawing.GridPainter.DrawContents(e As GridViewDrawArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00005
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.Drawing.GridPainter.DrawCore(e As GridViewDrawArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00426
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.Drawing.GridPainter.Draw(ee As ViewDrawArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00174
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Base.BaseView.Draw(e As GraphicsCache)
                                    app.exe: N 00128
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.GridView.Draw(e As GraphicsCache)
                                    app.exe: N 00013
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.GridControl.OnPaintCore(e As PaintEventArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00749
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.GridControl.OnPaint(e As PaintEventArgs)
                                    app.exe: N 00027
                                    DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.ControlPaintHelper.PaintWithErrorHandling(paintEventArgs As PaintEventArgs, layer As Int32)
                                    app.exe: N 00054
                                    DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.ControlPaintHelper.ProcessDirectXWMPaintCore(hdc As IntPtr, rectangle As Rectangle, clipBounds As Rectangle[])
                                    app.exe: N 00189
                                    DevExpress.Utils.Drawing.ControlPaintHelper.ProcessWMPaint(m As Message&)
                                    app.exe: N 00300
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.GridControl.CheckProcessMsg(m As Message&)
                                    app.exe: N 00055
                                    DevExpress.XtraGrid.GridControl.WndProc(m As Message&)
                                    app.exe: N 00301
                                    System.Windows.Forms.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(m As Message&)
                                    app.exe: N 00018
                                    System.Windows.Forms.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(m As Message&)
                                    app.exe: N 00052
                                    System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(hWnd As IntPtr, msg As Int32, wparam As IntPtr, lparam As IntPtr)
                                    app.exe: N 00127

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                                • Company-X 08.01.2019

                                  I searched the differences in 19.1.4 & 19.1.5 and didn't see anything matching, nothing is showing up in Google or Support searches and none of the line numbers seem to match my code.

                                • Company-X 08.01.2019

                                  Upgrading to 19.1.5 hasn't helped.
                                  If I ignore the exception, the application works fine but all of the DevEx XtraGrid are rendered with a cross and no detail.

                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.02.2019

                                  Thank you for the call stack.
                                  Although we cannot reproduce the issue on our side, we have found a possible cause of the behavior you described and we will fix it.
                                  However, since we didn't reproduce the issue on our side, we cannot give guarantees that it fixes the initial issue.

                                  Please test a hotfix when it is available and let us know if it helps.

                                  If the issue remains, isolate it in a small compilable project and share it with is. Also, provide details about the environment where the issue is reproduced. How many displays does this machine use? What are the scale and resolution of the main display?

                                • Company-X 08.04.2019

                                  Unfortunately, I can't really create a small compilable project because this machine is located at one of our clients.
                                  They have informed me that the "current resolution 1920 x 1080 and scale is 100%".
                                  Also, there is only a single screen on the machine.


                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.05.2019

                                  In this case, please try a hotfix when it is available and let us know how it works.

                                • Company-X 08.11.2019

                                  I downloaded and installed the hotfix , then rebuilt the application and sent it to our client to try.
                                  The application now seems to run for them, but it isn't showing any data in the tables.

                                  Do you have any further suggestions?


                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.12.2019

                                  Could you please describe what you mean by "but it isn't showing any data in the tables"? Do you see a red cross?
                                  If it is possible, please send us a screenshot demonstrating this behavior.
                                  I look forward to your response.

                                • Company-X 08.13.2019

                                  Hi, our client has said "red cross and only headers nothing else". They say that you can see that the computer loads data and then gets to the point where it tries to display it, but it doesn't.
                                  They are going to try and get a screenshot today.

                                  Since earlier, they have found two computers with the same issue, both are Windows 7, but they aren't the oldest computers they have.
                                  They have compared below, two computers, one where the application runs fine, and the other where it doesn't.
                                  The two computers are both Windows 7, 64 bit with 4 GB RAM running monitors with 1920x1080 resolution.
                                  They are both using Intel graphics cards with 64MB dedicated, one (not working) G33/G31 Express (DirectX 9.0 or better) and the other HD Graphics 4400 (DirectX 10).
                                  The major difference between the two is the graphics shared memory which is 192MB for the PC that isn't working and 1632MB for the PC that is working.

                                  Are we correct in thinking that it might be a graphics issue (memory)?


                                • Company-X 08.13.2019

                                  Our client has said they have solved the issue by "putting a bigger video card" into the PC.

                                  I think that means this issue can be closed.


                                • Maxim L (DevExpress Support) 08.14.2019

                                  Thank you for keeping us informed.
                                  I'm happy to hear that the issue was solved.
                                  Yes, the call stack relates to DirectX Hardware Acceleration. This technology uses a machine's video card to render our controls. According to your description this issue relates to a lack of memory on an end user machine. However, to give a more precise answer we still need to reproduce this on our side. So, if the issue gets back, please send us a simple project reproducing it and describe the PC characteristics.
                                  Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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                                Additional information:

                                We couldn't reproduce the issue on our side, nevertheless, we have found a possible cause of the behavior described in this thread and fixed it.
                                However, since we didn't reproduce the issue on our side, we cannot give guarantees that it fixes the initial issue.