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                                  • Hello,

                                    I am using the WaitForm with active grow and shrink, so that the size is defined by caption and description.

                                    When I am opening the WaitForm is is centered against its parent, but it does not respect the actual size of the WaitForm (the start location seems to be calculated ignoring any width and height of the WaitForm). How can I adjust the location so that the window is really centered? It seems there is no way to get the current size of the form using the Manager .

                                    Best regards,

                                • Aleks (DevExpress Support) 08.01.2019

                                  Hello Stefan,

                                  Thank you for contacting us. I created a small sample with two separate wait forms and they both are displayed in the center of the parent form.
                                  Would you please share more details about your implementation? How and when do you display wait forms? How do you change their captions and descriptions? It would be of great help if you modify my sample to illustrate your scenario or share your own small compilable project. I look forward to hearing back from you.

                                • Stefan Christ 08.01.2019

                                  Hello Aleks,

                                  thank you for the fast answer. Like you described it seems that the issue is that I am doing something wrong, setting the caption and description. I attached our small class that we use to show the WaitForm. The WaitForm seems to get centered when it is shown with the right caption and description set. But how can we set those properties if the WaitForm isn't created yet?

                                  SplashScreenManager.ShowForm(frm, GetType(rthWaitForm), True, True, False) If Not SplashScreenManager.Default Is Nothing Then SplashScreenManager.Default.SetWaitFormCaption(Caption) SplashScreenManager.Default.SetWaitFormDescription(Description) End If

                                  I guess the Default property only is valid after calling ShowForm , so how can we set the caption before showing the Form?

                                  Thank you,

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                                Thank you for your clarification, Stefan. Your scenario is now clear to me. I suggest you use the SplashScreenManager.SendCommand method to change the caption, description, and adjust WaitForm's location. I created a small sample project to illustrate the main idea of this approach. Please review it and let me know if it helps.

                                • Stefan Christ 08.01.2019

                                  Hey Aleks,

                                  thank you very much, with your sample code I could solve this issue. I had no idea how to pass the parent form or its bounds to the WaitForm, so I was a little stuck.

                                  Have a nice day

                                • Aleks (DevExpress Support) 08.01.2019

                                  You are always welcome, Stefan.