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                                  • I am unable to use the Report Designer in Visual Studio 2019.

                                    When I attempt to open a report to design it or if I attempt to create a new report, the IDE freezes and the report windows seem to open and close in quick succession.

                                    Report Gallery, Explorer, Field List etc.

                                    I'm using a brand new Windows install with VS 2019 and DX19.1.4.

                                    I've tried existing projects (upgrading them to DX version 19) as well as creating a new WinForms project and adding a report to it.

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                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 07.31.2019

                                  Hello Vincent,
                                  Thank you for contacting us. I couldn't reproduce the issue in the configuration you mentioned (Windows 10 x64, Visual Studio 2019 v16.1.6, DevExpress v19.1.4). See the video in the attachment. Just in case, would you please confirm that you're running the ASP.NET MVC application, not ASP.NET Core?
                                  Please try to collect the design-time exception callstack as described here and send it to us for investigation. I'm looking forward to your reply.

                                • Joerg Penndorf 07.31.2019

                                  Hello Jannet,

                                  I'm seeing the same issue that Vincent described.
                                  - Win 10 x64 (1709)
                                  - VS 2019 (16.2)
                                  - DevExpress 19.1.3

                                • Csaba Keri 07.31.2019

                                  Hello Jannet,

                                  I experienced the same with VS 2019.

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 07.31.2019

                                  Hello guys, I really appreciate your comments. I am still unable to reproduce the problem on my side, please see the 'CreatingReportingSolution' video in the attachment.
                                  To research this problem, we need detailed information about the design-time exception. So, please try to collect it as I mentioned before (see How to obtain a design-time exception call stack). In short, you need to run one more Visual Studio instance, go to Debug -> Attach To Process, select the required Visual Studio process (devenv.exe), and enable the CLR exceptions. Please see the VisualStudioAttachToProcess video in the attachment that demonstrates how to do this.

                                  I hope to hear from you soon.

                                • Vincent Sillifant 07.31.2019

                                  Hi Jannet,

                                  I have done as requested, however no exceptions seem to be generated.

                                  Please see attached new video . I've also saved the events that were generated, but nothing seems suspect to me


                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 07.31.2019

                                  Hi All,

                                  We were able to replicate this issue on our side with the Visual Studio 2019 latest update (version 16.2). It looks like something in this update affects the dock panels that are used in our Report Designer. Currently our developers are researching this issue. We will update this thread once we have any progress in our research.

                                  As a temporary workaround, you can follow the steps Vladimir provided below.

                                • Customer76105 08.15.2019

                                  I solved it by installing the HotFix 19.1.6

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                                To whom it may concern:

                                Microsoft has fixed the issue at the IDE level. If you're unable to update DevExpress tools for any reason, consider updating to your IDE to the latest available version (16.2.5+) instead. See the Visual Studio 16.2 hangs opening any dialog for editing thread on Visual Studio forums for more information.


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                                • Dennis Badzik 08.05.2019

                                  It won't be fixed in 18.1?

                                • Dmitry Tok (DevExpress Support) 08.06.2019

                                  Hi Dennis,

                                  We have made required changes to version 18.1 per your request and you can now request a hotfix.

                                  Thank you,

                                • Dennis Badzik 08.06.2019

                                  Thank you!

                                • Rüdiger Gensing 08.28.2019

                                  A version 19.1.6 is unknown to me and will not be offered for download.
                                  The HOtFiX for version 19.1.5 is missing.
                                  The link to 19.1.6 goes to an error page (Error 404 requested page not found).


                                  The link to HOTFIX 19.1.6 goes again. I will try to install this.


                                • Rüdiger Gensing 08.28.2019

                                  Thank You for your help, this HOTFIX has solved my problem.

                                • Elliot (DevExpress Support) 08.28.2019

                                  Hello Rüdiger,

                                  I am happy to hear that the issue is resolved. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any difficulties.


                                • Spider 09.10.2019

                                  Hi DevExpress Team,
                                  Can you make a HotFix to solve this problem in DevEx 15.1.15 version?
                                  Please help me!

                                • Yaroslav (DevExpress Support) 09.11.2019

                                  Hi Spider,
                                  Version 15.1 is very old, and its maintenance cycle has already ended. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide a hotfix for this version. Also, note that v15.1 was released four years before VS 2019 and therefore, it does not provide any support for this IDE: Shipping Versions & Supported Technologies. You should be able to avoid the issue by updating your Visual Studio to the latest version that was releases on September, 5. See the Visual Studio 16.2 hangs opening any dialog for editing thread on Visual Studio forum for more information.


                                I have the same problem (visual Studio 16.2, Windows 10, DevExpress 19.1.3).
                                There is a workaournd that I found - when Visual Studio starts to flicker I type win+D (minimizes all windows)
                                After that when I swtich to Visual Studio 2019 the flickering is gone and DevExpress windows are visible.
                                Then I rearrange them (move to dock on the left side of the screen and the problem is gone .
                                I guess that something happens the first time when a report designer opens and the DevExpress windows somehow go in an endless loop of activating tool windows.

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                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 07.31.2019

                                  Hi Vladimir,

                                  Thank you for sharing your workaround with us. Yes, your assumption is correct - this issue occurs only when the DevExpress panels are visible and not docked in Visual Studio when it is opened. So, hiding these panels or docking them will resolve this issue.

                                • Vincent Sillifant 07.31.2019


                                  Thank you for the solution. Using the method described by Vladimir, I was able to get the panels docked and I am now able to use the Report Designer in VS 2019.


                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 08.01.2019

                                  We appreciate your follow-up. Feel free to contact us in case of further difficulties.

                                • Edhy Rijo 08.12.2019

                                  Hi all,
                                  I am having the same issue and tried Vladimir Tchalkov's tip and it did not work in my case.
                                  I am using

                                  1. VS 2019 V 16.2.1
                                  2. DevExpress (WinForms)
                                  2)  Windows 10 Pro 64bits v 1809 build 17763.652.

                                  I will install the hotfix 19.1.6 to see if that fix this issue for me.

                                • Edhy Rijo 08.12.2019

                                  Hi All,
                                  I am happy to report that the hotfix 19.1.6 fixed this issue for me.

                                • Rohit Sankholkar 08.22.2019

                                  I have the same issue, but i'm on DevExpress 14.1.7. Is it possible to provide a HotFix for this version?
                                  Please let me know.


                                  Rohit S

                                • Yaroslav (DevExpress Support) 08.22.2019

                                  Hi Rohit,
                                  Version 14.1 is very old and its maintenance cycle has already ended. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide a hotfix for this version. Also, note that v14.1 was released five years before VS 2019 and therefore it does not provide any support for this IDE: Shipping Versions & Supported Technologies. If you're not planning to update anytime soon, consider using older versions of Visual Studio, such as VS 2012 or VS 2013.


                                • Rohit Sankholkar 08.22.2019

                                  Hi Yaroslav,
                                  Thanks for the quick response. We will look at upgrading, but it will take some time.

                                  Is there another workaround to get past this in the meantime? Some VS2019 or DevExpress setting I can use to prevent the flickering of the windows, so I can get my report designer open?

                                  Please let me know.


                                  Rohit Sankholkar

                                • Jannet (DevExpress Support) 08.23.2019

                                  Hi Rohit,
                                  Thank you for your reply. Yes, you can try the solution posted by Vladimir above in this thread. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.