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                                  • Hello,

                                    We have a grid column with lookup editor and auto completion functionality. The user should able to select from a tree only the leave nodes:

                                    Category A
                                      - Item A1
                                      - Item A2
                                      - Item AN
                                    Category B
                                      - Item B1
                                      - Item B2
                                      - Item BN

                                    Items XX are allowed, but Category A/Category B - are not.

                                    For the lookup edit we have implemented approach, proposed in and it works greatly! However if the user starts editing the autocomplete feature still selects the nodes from not-allowed category. Is there any way to ignore items in autocompletion list by specific criteria (similar how it works for lookup edit)?



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                                Hi Dimitri,

                                Disabling an item in LookUpEdit's dropdown does not remove this item from the editor's ItemsSource. So it will still be possible to select it on text input or spinning up/down. To prevent this behavior, you can assign different collections to the editor and its grid. The editor's ItemsSource collection should contain only leaf nodes. Attached is a sample where you can see this approach.


                                • Customer37140 08.01.2019

                                  Thanks Ivan, this works greatly!