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                                  • Hello,

                                    Im showing a loading decorator above part of my content. Its a UserControl.
                                    While loading, is the rest of the window supposed to stay responsive? I would like to be able to switch to other tabs, resize the window etc while the UC is loading in the background.

                                    Im pretty sure im mixing up things here, so im just wondering what is the default behaviour?

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                                By default LoadingDecorator works in mode when the entire parent window and its content are blocked. However, you can easily change this behavior using the OwnerLock property. Let me describe all the possible modes of this property:

                                1.  SplashScreenLock.Full (the default mode) - the entire parent window and its content are blocked, so users cannot interact with the window and its child elements.
                                2. SplashScreenLock.InputOnly - users can move LoadingDecorator's parent window by dragging its title only.
                                3. SplashScreenLock.LoadingContent - LoadingDecorator locks only its content (DockLayoutManager in your sample project).
                                4. SplashScreenLock.None - there are no blocked elements and end-users can interact with the window and its content as soon as the latter become available.

                                So, it appears all you need to do is to set this property to None. Please try this approach and let me know your results.