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                                  • Hi,
                                    We have to do some benchmark to compare some Grid.
                                    Can you tell me why the first load of data into your grid, take 8 more time than the others ?
                                    For ex. for 10.000 rows,  the first load need 4226 ms, and the next one 224 ms...

                                    You can find the VS Studio 2017 solution joined.


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                                Controls are displayed longer for the first time because themes load their resources. To load required requires in advance, you can add corresponding controls to SplashScreen or a separate invisible window. You can find a sample project demonstrating this approach at Waiting long time for load of empty grid.

                                Note that an additional delay on your machine may occur because you don't have native images. You can use the NGen tool or the ProfileOptimization class to generate them. Please refer to the Reducing the Application Launch Time help topic to learn more about these approaches.