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                                  • HI.

                                    I have a Gridview shown in TreeListView mode where I add subnodes at on node expand.  I only ever have 1 level deep.  The top level is to show a node image and the next level down should not.

                                    The issue I get is the second level the node indent is way to much and the row height is also to much.  I have shown what I mean in the attached file capture1.  What I would like it to look like is shown in Capture2.

                                    Is this possible and if so how?


                                    Phillip Miller

                                • Phillip Miller 07.27.2019

                                  And what I would like it to look like.

                                • Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support) 07.28.2019


                                  At first glance, it seems that you are either using one of our touch themes (see: List of DevExpress WPF Themes) or defining custom margins in your data rows. In the first case, you may find it helpful to try non-touch themes. In the second case, you need to rework your margins and apply them only at the first nodes' level.

                                  If my assumption is incorrect, please upload a simple sample showing your current implementation. This will help us find a more suitable solution.


                                • Phillip Miller 07.28.2019

                                  Thanks fpr your reply.  I'm using scenario two.

                                  TreeListView1.RowMinHeight = UserInfo.IconSize TreeListView1.RowIndent = UserInfo.IconSize TreeListView1.NodeImageSize = New Size(UserInfo.IconSize, UserInfo.IconSize)

                                  How do I apply that to only the top level?

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                                Thank you for the clarification. If you want to show images only for the top level nodes, I recommend placing Image into GridColumn.CellTemplate.

                                I've attached a sample project demonstrating this approach. Let me know if it's suitable in your scenario.

                                • Phillip Miller 07.30.2019

                                  HI Andre.

                                  Thank you very much for the sample project.  That 100% solved my issue thank you. 

                                • André (DevExpress Support) 07.31.2019

                                  You're welcome!