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                                  • Hello,

                                    I have a tab control where in each tab is a grid that shows items of a specific type.
                                    The columns in this grids shall be dynamic and show the properties of the respective type. So I'm working with DynamicObject.

                                    When selecting a tab now, it takes very much time till it is switched. I can't explain why. Because I have already worked with DynamicObject in context of your DXGrid and it worked fine. Can you figure out the problem? I did my best to create a minimal project and attached it.

                                    Thank you and best regards!

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                                Hi Tobias,

                                DXTabControl doesn't cache views and re-uses the same visual element for different tabs. In your case, properties available in the first tab don't exist in the second tab, so a number of errors occur when you switch to another tab (you can see these errors in the Output window). This issue slows down switching tabs in debug mode, but it will not affect end users - you can check this by running your sample without debugging.

                                Nevertheless, you can disable re-using and cache tab content to avoid this issue. For this, set DXTabControl.TabContentCacheMode to CacheTabsOnSelecting or CacheAllTabs.


                                • Tobias Nickel 1 08.04.2019

                                  Thanks very much! That works!