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                                  • I am currently opening my XtraReport instance by calling OpenReport and passing my XRDesignMdiController instance.

                                    I can access the bands in the XRDesignPanel and the controls in the band and set the properties of that control (cell) but this actually effects the control in the report, so the report output is modified.  I want to only update how the user sees the control/cell as selected in the Design view.

                                    By default the selected/focused cell is surrounded by 6 small blue boxes to indicate it is selected.

                                    Indicated here as Design Surface (I want to change how selected cells look in the Design Surface)

                                    I have looked at the ActiveDesignPanel/XRDesignPanel Appearance member but I do not see any properties or methods that will allow me to modify the selected cells appearance.

                                    Attached is an image with how it currently looks and how I'd like it to look (with orange background).

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                                At present, the Report Designer doesn't support this feature: the appearance of the Selected element cannot be changed through any of the available settings or properties. As a workaround, I suggest you handle the XRControl.Draw event where you can draw a custom rectangle. In the attachment, you will find a sample project illustrating this approach for the XRLabel control. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.