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                                  • Hi,

                                    We've got a report builder in a WPF application. These reports definitions are stored. I would like to know if it is possible to load these reports in a Asp .Net core (2.2) and export these reports to PDF, not using a viewer or reportbuilder, but by user request

                                    Is this possible and do you have an example (for .net core 2.2) available?

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                                Hi Willem,

                                You can start with the ASP.NET Core Reporting help topic to learn how to use our components under the .NET Core platform. Our components use the same API under this platform so, you can use the same code to load your report definitions and to export them in your ASP.NET Core application. However, note that the .NET Core platform does not support the CodeDOM Serialization engine, so all the reports should be stored by using the XML Serialization. Also, check the Limitations part of the aforementioned help topic.
                                Finally, refer to the Direct Export part of the Cross-Platform Reporting help topic for more information on how you can export your report to PDF silently without showing the report's preview.

                                • Willem Hoogveld 07.26.2019

                                  I've tried some of the examples. But I cannot get it working with .net core 2.2. I cannot use the assemblies of .net core 2.2 is the report wizard because it uses .net core (Not all assemblies cab be present in the list because they target .NET core).

                                  If I make the assembly for .net framework it works, but than I cannot use the classes in the Web App (.Net Core 2.2).

                                • Yaroslav (DevExpress Support) 07.26.2019

                                  >>I cannot use the assemblies of .net core 2.2 is the report wizard because it uses .net core
                                  Are you talking about the Object Binding approach?  There are certain issues with metadata discovery in .NET Core projects. That's why you get this warning. The solution here is to move your data classes to a separate Class Library project that targets the ".NET Standard" framework and add this project's reference to your main project. In this case, the Data Source Wizard should be able to load all data classes from this separate project.
                                  Note that the Data Source Wizard should be used only for new reports. In the majority of cases, the XML report definition will also contain its datasource settings. So, you just need to apply those settings to an XtraRepor instance (XtraReport.FromStream) and further export it to PDF (XtraReport.ExportToPdf). If the datasource is missing in your case, you can always bind your report at runtime by assigning an IEnumerable collection of objects to the XtraReport.DataSource property: Binding to List Object