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                                  • We are creating editable PDFs in report builder that we email to people. They fill them out and email them back and we have a daemon that monitors the inbox and processes the documents as they are received.
                                    What is the recommended way to store meta data about the document and each field with the PDF so that we can process it automatically when we receive it? Our processing includes saving the PDF in a particular location (dictated by the data it contains) and storing some key pieces of data that was entered by the user in a database.

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                                In the scope of the Export to PDF - Form fields should take the name of the control that produced them ticket, we added information about the algorithm of generating PDF field names. Also, you can use the PdfExportOptions.AdditionalMetadata property to provide an exported PDF document with some custom data. Finally, you can use our PDF Document API to process the obtained PDF file. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.