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                                  • Hi,

                                    I am trying show a specific report as read-only on designer to avoid user modification. I tried with LockedInUserDesigner property but it does not make all the properties read only. For example DataMember, Actions, FilterString are still editable.

                                    And from the right panel, I want to do the following things

                                    1. disable/hide/read-only Expression and Report Explorer panel
                                    2. disable/read-only Parameters options from Filed List(All parameters should be read-only if exist and adding parameter should be restricted)
                                              a) disable/hide Remove data source option.

                                    Basically i want to restrict the user to do any kind modification on the default report.

                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 07.10.2019

                                  The XtraReport.LockedInUserDesigner property has the [Browsable(false)] attribute (so it is hidden in the Property Grid and in IntelliSense) and it should not be used in your code. Would you please clarify why you cannot show a report in the Document Viewer if you want to prevent editing the report by an end-user?

                                • Pulkit Sogani 07.10.2019

                                  In my case i don't want to allow end user to modify the default report. If i can provide read-only report then user can clone(save as) this report and can do modification. From Document Viewer how can i provide option to clone the report?

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                                Thank you for the clarification. To accomplish this task, I suggest you hide the 'Save' command from the Report Designer menu for your default report. So even an and-user can modify the report, it can be saved only as a new report. Please review the Customize the Report Designer Toolbar help topic to learn how to hide the 'Save' command.

                                See also:
                                Report Designer's Client-Side Configuration (Angular);
                                Web Report Designer - How to override/hide commands.

                                • Pulkit Sogani 07.12.2019

                                  But Save command is common for all the reports on the designer. How can i hide only for the default report when multiple reports are opened on the designer?

                                • Alexey K (DevExpress) 07.15.2019

                                  I suggest you implement a list of read-only report names and use it both on the client side and on the server side.

                                  function CustomizeMenuActions(s, e) { var readonlyReportUrls = ["RootReport"]; var saveAction = e.GetById(DevExpress.Reporting.Designer.Actions.ActionId.Save); var originalSaveDisabled = saveAction.disabled; saveAction.disabled = ko.pureComputed(function() { return $.isFunction(originalSaveDisabled) && originalSaveDisabled() || readonlyReportUrls.indexOf(s.GetCurrentTab().url()) !== -1; }); }

                                  Let us know if it meets your requirements.