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                                Hi Patrick,

                                Please refer to the Data Binding Modes Comparison help topic for more information on how to set the default binding mode (the Set Binding Mode  section) and hide the conversion dialog (the Convert Bindings to Expressions section) in the latest version of our suite. Note that our documentation provides a version selector functionality, that allows you to find information that is actual for the version that you are using.

                                In any case, we did not perform any changes to the code that was used  to specify the static option. So, the code provided in the How to set the static DataBindingMode ticket that you found seems to have a typo. I checked the BC4186 - The default data retrieval mechanism has been changed breaking change's text and I see that the correct code is provided there. So, I corrected the code in the  How to set the static DataBindingMode ticket.

                                • Patrick S. 07.02.2019

                                  Now I see what was my problem.

                                  I tried to set the property here


                                  instead of here



                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 07.03.2019

                                  You are always welcome, Patrick! I am happy to hear that my support was helpful.