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                                  • Hi.

                                    In Visual Studio 2019 in IntelliSense members list not show selected member information. In VS 2017 that works fine. See figure in attached file. May be I should something switch in options for show this information? 

                                • Andrew A (DevExpress) 06.17.2019

                                  Hi Oleg,

                                  Thank you for your feedback. We already know about this problem and are working on the fix. We will inform you when the fix is available.

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                                • Oleg Netupskiy 07.02.2019

                                  Members from BCL now shows info fine. But in user-defined types same issue still stay. See attachment. 

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 07.02.2019

                                  Hi Oleg,

                                  Thank you for informing us of your results and providing the screenshot.

                                  I have reproduced the issue for user-defined types with the provided hotfix build. We will correct it in the context of this ticket and notify you.

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 07.04.2019

                                  Hi Oleg,

                                  We have solved this issue for used-defined types. These changes will be included in the 19.1.6 release. Currently, it is in the testing phase and we plan to publish it in the nearest time.

                                • Oleg Netupskiy 07.04.2019

                                  Hi Alexander.
                                  Thanks for information.

                                • Alexander K (DevExpress) 07.04.2019

                                  You are welcome.