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                                  • Dear DevExpress,
                                    in the old wizard I had a work-around provided by Yaroslav that allowed me to pre-select that a new report will be a Data Bound and skip that wizard page.
                                    ...I was given this on the understanding that it may not work in future versions. This is what I had:

                                    @{ var designer = Html.DevExpress() .ReportDesigner("reportDesigner1") .Width("100%") .Height("calc(100% - 40px)") .DataSources(ds => { foreach (var src in Model.DataSources) { ds.Add(src.Key, src.Value); } }) .ClientSideEvents(ev => ev.BeforeRender("CustomDesignerBeforeRender")); } @designer
                                    function CustomDesignerBeforeRender(s, e) { //save this for various uses later designerModelGlobal = s.GetDesignerModel(); //adjust wizard to skip first page, auto-selecting data bound // // Disclaimer from Yaroslav, may not continue to work after updates designerModelGlobal.wizard.steps.splice(0, 1); var oldStart = designerModelGlobal.wizard.start; designerModelGlobal.wizard.start = function () { oldStart.apply(designerModelGlobal.wizard, arguments); designerModelGlobal.wizard._data.reportType = DevExpress.Designer.Report.Wizard.ReportType.Databound; }; ... }

                                    I am hoping that there is a new version of this code, or a better method that I can use to simply hide the "Empty Report" and "Label Report" options, leaving only the "Data Bound" and "Vertical Report" as options for my users?


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                                Hi Tim,

                                Starting with version 19.1, we redesigned the wizard integrated into our Web Report Designer and provided a built-in customization functionality for it. To perform the customization, use the client-side CustomizeWizard event handler. The code demonstrated below shows how you can remove desired report types from the report type selection page in the wizard:

                                function beforePageInit(args) { if(args.pageId === DevExpress.Reporting.Designer.Wizard.FullscreenReportWizardPageId.SelectReportTypePage) {, 1);; } } function CustomizeWizard(s, e) { if(e.Type === "ReportWizard") {"beforePageInitialize", beforePageInit); } }

                                Important Note: We have performed several updates to our Client-Side API in our forthcoming minor (19.1.4), so the code provided above is actual for versions 19.1.4 and higher. If everything goes according to plan, the 19.1.4 build will be released this week.

                                Note that this approach utilizes a new public client-side API that we provided as part of our new major version. This API was already added to our documentation (Client API Reference) and now we are working on providing detailed descriptions for this API members.

                                • Tim Ball 1 06.17.2019

                                  Thanks for the solutions to all of my questions Vasily. I look forward to giving them a go once 19.1.4 is released. :-)

                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 06.18.2019

                                  You are always welcome, Tim! Please also feel free to share your feedback regarding our new customization API with us. This will help us improve it and make it cover more wizard customization scenarios.

                                • Tim Ball 1 06.18.2019

                                  I'll be sure to drop some comments once the new 19.1.4 has been released and the documentation published. :-)

                                • Tim Ball 1 07.01.2019

                                  The solution works perfect. Thanks again Vasily

                                • Vasily (DevExpress Support) 07.01.2019

                                  Thank you for your update, Tim! We are happy to hear that our new functionality covered your customization cases. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this.