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                                  • Hi

                                    Steps to reproduce:

                                    1. Create a new asp net core web application , and select api template on next stage.
                                    2. Save project once created and then add DevExpress.xpo nuget package to project, save and build.
                                    3. Add new data model fill out wizard to create a new database. Save.

                                    ConnectionHelper.cs, JsonSerializationContractResolver.cs and ServiceCollectionExtensions.cs all lack the necessary dx using statements to compile.

                                    Any time you add to the model and save these are regenerated minus the using statements.


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                                • Anatol (DevExpress Support) 06.13.2019

                                  I cannot reproduce the issue in my test. Maybe I am using different settings. Please provide the problematic project or a video with your steps. We would highly appreciate your cooperation.

                                • Dom Sinclair 06.13.2019

                                  Hi Anatol

                                  Thanks for getting back to me hope this movie helps.


                                • Anatol (DevExpress Support) 06.13.2019

                                  Thank you. The issue does not occur on my side with exactly the same steps. We will try to reproduce it on other machines. Meanwhile, please let us know if you have installed any hotfix (intermediate build) for version 19.1.3.

                                • Dom Sinclair 06.13.2019

                                  Hi Anatol

                                  No hotfixes installed to 19.3.


                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 06.14.2019

                                  Hello Dom,

                                  We do not have a clear idea of why this issue can occur. We cannot reproduce it using the latest Visual Studio version. If you can reinstall Visual Studio and DevExpress components, please reinstall them and let me know if this helps.

                                • Dom Sinclair 06.16.2019

                                  Hi Anatol, Uriah

                                  I have two other machines configured with Visual Studio 2019 and DX 19.1.  Both exhibited exactly the same behaviour.

                                  Given that you have been unable to recreate this, it seems reasonable to assume that this is something very specific to my setup, so I spent some time going through everything and particularly extensions to see what was causing this issue.

                                  I gradually removed each extension one by one , rebooting the machine between each action and reran the wizard in each case doing exactly the same as displayed in the clip I linked to in the original post.  In each case I got the same result .  I was eventually left just with CodeRush (the very first thing I Install after VS installation and to which I have applied settings configured in dropbox so that any changed I make within code , or templates that I create apply to all my machines.

                                  Once Code rush was gone the problem went as well, and it went across all machines, indicating that one aspect of the code rush setup was to blame.

                                  This I tracked down to CodeCleanup and specifically to having 'Remove Unused usings' checked.

                                  Personally I think that this is a bug in coderush.  It is stripping everything bar Using System from the files created by the data model designer when you invoke save, yet clearly those usings pertaining to XPO are anything but unused.

                                  At least now we know what the cause was.


                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 06.17.2019

                                  Thank you, Dom! We will research this issue further.

                                • Andrew A (DevExpress) 06.19.2019

                                  Hi Dom,

                                  I have reproduced this issue locally. We will research it and inform you about our progress.

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