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                                  • I have an XtraReport with an XRPictureBox called CustomImage that has editing enabled on it:

                                    this.CustomImage.EditOptions.EditorName = "Image"; this.CustomImage.EditOptions.Enabled = true;

                                    We also have a setting in the software (outside of report editing) that allows you to specify the image file to always start with for this CustomImage. I can load the image file into the CustomImage with the following code:

                                    CustomImage.ImageSource = ImageSource.FromFile( _reportLogoImageFile );

                                    Editing fields displayed -> Click on CustomImage -> Click the 'X' button to remove the image.

                                    Expected behaviour:
                                    The pre-loaded image is removed.

                                    Actual behaviour:
                                    The image is not removed. It only removes an image if you have since overwritten the preloaded image with another image.

                                    Is this by design? How can I make it so the behaviour is as expected?


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                                Yes, this behavior is designed - the "Clear Changes" button actually removes any modifications and loads a default image. For now, you can either upload an empty image to replace the existing one or do not pre-load image, so that an end user will be required to select one. Would you please describe the scenario when you need to clear out the default image from the Picture Box?


                                • kisto 06.10.2019

                                  Hi Dmitry,

                                  The use case that I have is that the user can add a logo to their report. They can select the default logo to use in a settings page of the software. When it comes to view the report, I want them to have the option of:
                                  a) using the default image that they designed in the settings area.
                                  b) replacing the default with one they want on this occasion.
                                  c) removing the default logo completely, to have no logo on this occasion.

                                  It seems this is currently unavailable at the moment, unless you have a work around?



                                • Elliot (DevExpress Support) 06.11.2019

                                  Hello Matt,

                                  Thank you for your clarification. We will do our best to implement this feature in future minor versions of the 19.1 release. Thank you for your feedback in advance.


                                • Dmitry Tok (DevExpress Support) 07.02.2019

                                  Hello Matt,

                                  I'm pleased to inform you that the requested functionality is available out of the box starting with v19.1.5 of our tools. Here is the change set:

                                  1. The "X" button is now not displayed;
                                  2. We added the "Trash Bin" button that clears out an image and custom drawings;
                                  3. We added the "Refresh" button that is displayed only when a picture box control has a pre-defined image. Clicking this button reverts all changes (a newly loaded image or custom drawings) to their defaults.

                                  You can download the intermediate build of our tools here and review the implemented functionality. We'll be more than happy to hear your feedback.

                                  Thank you,

                                • kisto 07.02.2019

                                  Hi Dmitry,

                                  Thanks for the information and adding in this feature. We'll try it and let you know how we get on.