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                                  • Hello, from 19.1.3, CodeRush cannot find any references in my WPF project. Logs are attached, apparently there is a bug NullReferenceException.
                                    Steps to reproduce: Press Shift-F12 on any identifier.
                                    Window "References" is shown but without any references.
                                    Pressing tab on identifier also does not find references also.

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                                • Karel Král Scia 05.23.2019

                                  Just note that in Asp.Net Core projects references are working normally.

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 05.23.2019

                                  Hi Karel,

                                  Thank you for informing us of the issue.
                                  We're already aware of it and are currently working on solving it. Please give us some time. We'll update this ticket once we have any results.

                                • David Shannon 05.23.2019

                                  FYI, I'm having the same issue in a WinForms (XAF) project.

                                • Karel Král Scia 05.24.2019

                                  I uninstalled 19.1.3, installed 18.2.9 and the problem is the same. But I am sure that this version worked. Maybe it is caused by the upgrade to Visual Studio 16.1.0?

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 05.24.2019

                                  Hello David,

                                  To process your recent post more efficiently, I created a separate ticket on your behalf (T744350: CodeRush does not find any references in WinForms (XAF) project). It has been placed in our processing queue and will be answered shortly.

                                • Igor K. (DevExpress) 05.24.2019

                                  Hi Karel,

                                  Yes, the problem is connected to the Visual Studio 16.1.0 update.  We are currently working on the fix and will do our best to provide an updated CodeRush version soon.

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