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                                  • Hi,

                                    currently it is not possible to select a text e.g. from a table in the dashboard viewer with the mouse cursor , in purpose of copying it etc.

                                    Is there any way to enable text selection in the dashboard viewer?

                                    Kind regards,
                                    Jan Domnick

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                                Hello Jan,

                                We disabled the text selection in our Dashboard Grid item. However, it is possible to enable it by setting the "user-select" CSS rule to text for rows. I suggest you refer to the Web Dashboard - How to allow end-user to select text in a grid cell thread where we discussed a similar task.
                                I hope this information will be helpful.

                                I also want to note that with the next major release we have removed the old DashboardViewer component and we will no longer add new features to it. Please refer to the How to migrate from ASPxDashboardViewer to ASPxDashboard working in ViewerOnly mode KB article to learn more about migrating to a new ASPxDashboard component. So, I suggest you get started to use the new ASPxDashboard component if you are planning to update to the newest version.

                                • Brett Zook 12.13.2019

                                  Just curious, what was the reasoning for disabling text selection on dashboard items?

                                  I'm inclined to use the CSS rule change to allow this in my own application, but wondered if there would be any unintended consequences in doing that.


                                • Stason (DevExpress Support) 12.13.2019

                                  Hello Brett,

                                  We implemented the dashboard selection, conditional formatting and other features. As a part of these enhancements, we disabled text selection to ensure correct operation of these new features.
                                  Would you please clarify your scenario and describe your overall goal that you wish to achieve with the text selection feature in our dashboard?