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                                  • Hi,

                                    I want to highlight/surround a datapoint that mosue hovering over with a circle. See attached
                                    How can I achieve it?

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                                Hi Alexander,

                                The Crosshair Cursor marker is synchronized with the Series marker. So, you can customize the Series marker color and make it transparent. I have included a small sample project to illustrate this approach.

                                • Alexander Gurevich 08.02.2019


                                  This almost what I need. I want the circle to appear only when mouse hovers over the point.
                                  Another issue, I changed AreaSeriesView to LineSeriesView . LineSeriesView has PointMarkerOptions, however PointMarkerOptions does no t have Color property. How can I make Circle Marker to have transparent color?

                                  Thank you,

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 08.02.2019

                                  It is possible to implement this functionality by creating an Image Annotation. You will need to show/hide it dynamically when you hover over a point with the mouse. I have modified the sample project to demonstrate this approach. You will find it in the attachment.