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                                  • Hi,

                                    I encountered a very strange issue. When I use one vertical grid on my page, under the tab control, I set the grid width = "100%", and when running, the grid always shows only 1px wide, and just I do a little window resize and it can display normal, refer to the attached snapshot for the details, left side picture shows when I first  run, and the right side one is after I did a bit window resize.

                                    And below it's my code how I include the vertical grid, any advice?

                                    <div class="tab-pane" id="emstinfo" role="tabpanel"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12"> <div class="card"> <div class="card-header">EMST of the last 3 days </div> <div class="card-block"> <dx:ASPxVerticalGrid ID="gridEmst" runat="server" Width="100%" Theme="Moderno" Styles-Header-Font-Bold="true" AutoGenerateRows="false" OnDataBound="gridEmst_DataBound"> <SettingsPager Mode="ShowAllRecords" EnableAdaptivity="true"></SettingsPager> <Settings ShowFilterBar="Visible" HeaderAreaWidth="120" ShowCategoryIndents="false" RecordWidth="250" HorizontalScrollBarMode="Visible" VerticalScrollBarMode="Visible" VerticalScrollableHeight="600" /> <Rows> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Tool" Caption="EQPID" Fixed="true"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridDateRow FieldName="StartDate" Fixed="true"> <PropertiesDateEdit DisplayFormatString="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"></PropertiesDateEdit> </dx:VerticalGridDateRow> <dx:VerticalGridDateRow FieldName="EndDate" Fixed="true"> <PropertiesDateEdit DisplayFormatString="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"></PropertiesDateEdit> </dx:VerticalGridDateRow> <dx:VerticalGridCategoryRow Caption="Detail Info"> <Rows> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Detail" RecordStyle-VerticalAlign="Top"> <DataItemTemplate> <pre style="word-wrap:break-word; white-space:pre-wrap; display:inline; margin:0;"> <%# Eval("Detail") %></pre> </DataItemTemplate> </dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Shift"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="TM_Cat"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Status"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Engineer"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="BrokenAmount" Caption="Broken Amt"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="ModifyAmount" Caption="Modify Amt"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="EngineerTo"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> </Rows> </dx:VerticalGridCategoryRow> <dx:VerticalGridCategoryRow Caption="Misc" Expanded="true"> <Rows> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Part"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Unit"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Code"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Product"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="Layer"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> <dx:VerticalGridTextRow FieldName="LotID"></dx:VerticalGridTextRow> </Rows> </dx:VerticalGridCategoryRow> </Rows> </dx:ASPxVerticalGrid> <dx:ASPxVerticalGridExporter ID="exporter" runat="server" VerticalGridID="gridEmst"></dx:ASPxVerticalGridExporter> &nbsp;&nbsp; <asp:Button id="btnExportExcel" class="btn btn-primary btn-sm" OnClick="btnExportExcel_Click" runat="server" Text="Export to Excel" /> <button id="btnOpenEMST" class="btn btn-info btn-sm" type="button" >Open EMST in eFab</button> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>
                                • Stanley (DevExpress Support) 04.04.2019


                                  I created a sample project based on your markup but did not manage to reproduce the problem - see the attachment. It seems that other factors are involved. I suggest you drop ASPxGlobalEvents to the form and handle its client-side ControlsInitialized event. Then call the client-side ASPxClientVerticalGrid.AdjustControl method. If this does not help, please modify the project I attached so we can reproduce the problem.

                                • Derrick Xiang 04.04.2019

                                  Hi Stanley,

                                  Thanks for your reply!
                                  I noticed if I put the grid control inside a tab and not active, it will be problem during initialize, it seems can't render probably, and if I put it under active tab, it has no issue for rendering, why is that so?

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                                Hello Derrick,

                                Our controls calculate their size based on their container size. When ASPxVerticalGrid is placed inside the non-active tab, its container is invisible and ASPxVerticalGrid cannot calculate its size properly. In this case the ASPxClientVerticalGrid.AdjustControl method should help. This method should be called when the corresponding tab becomes active.