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                                  • Hi There,

                                    I am embedding XtraReport Designer to our WinForm Project for End-User use. Currently found an issue when click Add Data Source, the Data Source Wizard pop-up a window of "Do you want to use existing connection". Quite confuse, our program and end-user never create LocalSqlServer as an existing connection, it seems to come from nowhere.

                                    I read some ways of custom DB connections from support articles, but what we need very easy, How can we simply skip "Do you want to use existing connection" this page?

                                    Please refer to my screenshot to get ideas, thank you.

                                    Darien Wei

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                                By default, the Data Source Wizard retrieves connections from the app.config file. Take a look at the App.config - LocalSqlServer connection string thread to learn why the "LocalSqlServer" connection string appears in the list of connections loaded from the app.config file, and how to remove this connection string from your application. If, however, you want to skip the 'Select a Data Connection' page, you need to customize our Report Wizard. Please review the Wizard Customization Overview and Data Source Wizard Pages help topics to learn how to accomplish this task. Should you have further questions, let me know.

                                • Customer41031 08.08.2019

                                  Hi Andry,

                                  Thanks for the answer and sorry for reply late. Yes, it works. After I add tags below, the wizard skips the dialog "Do you want to use existing connection" and no need to custom code of wizard.

                                  <configuration> ...... <connectionStrings> <clear/> </connectionStrings> </configuration>


                                • Andrey (DevExpress Support) 08.08.2019

                                  Hello Darien,
                                  Your solution is even easier to implement. Thank you for sharing it with us!