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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T726633: VS2019 RC3, several things not working and suggestions for improvements]
                                    As you see from the log, there is also another error which make me believe could be another source for delay and slowness:

                                    2019.03.24 02:59:00.6202 Information: CodeRush Engine Started
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2230 Warning: NodejsProcess: NodeJsPath is empty.
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2411 Warning: NodejsProcess: Can't find node.exe
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2411 Information: NodejsProcess: Starting with processFile: +node.exe
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2835 Error: Message: No process is associated with this object.
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2835 Error: Type: System.InvalidOperationException
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2835 Error: Source: System
                                    2019.03.24 02:59:10.2835 Error: StackTrace:    at System.Diagnostics.Process.EnsureState(State state)
                                       at System.Diagnostics.Process.get_HasExited()
                                       at DevExpress.CodeRush.Platform.Nodejs.NodejsProcess.get_IsActive()
                                       at DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.TypeScript.Scripts.Server.WriteMessage(Request request, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
                                       at DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.TypeScript.Scripts.ServerProxyEndpoint.WriteMessage(Request request, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
                                       at DevExpress.CodeAnalysis.TypeScript.Scripts.ServerProxy.SendWorker[T](IServerProxyEndpoint endpoint, String commandName, Object arguments, RequestKind requestKind)


                                • George K (DevExpress) 03.25.2019

                                  Hi Dave,
                                  Thank you for the log file.
                                  We are working on this issue now and will notify you when we have any results.

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                                • Customer72658 03.27.2019

                                  Many thanks! I really appreciate!

                                • DevExpress Support Team 03.28.2019

                                  We have published the requested patched build and are looking forward to hearing about your results. Meanwhile, we would like to mark this ticket as Public, if you do not mind, to include it in the What's New lists for future maintenance updates.

                                • Customer72658 03.28.2019

                                  If you want to mark the ticket as public no problem for me.
                                  The patch is marked as "18.2.9 : Official update is coming".
                                  As soon as the download link becomes available I will try and will let you know.
                                  Many thanks

                                • George K (DevExpress) 03.29.2019

                                  You are welcome.

                                • Customer72658 04.05.2019

                                  I confirm that the issue has been fixed in the official update. Excellent!

                                • Pavel A (DevExpress) 04.05.2019

                                  We are happy to hear this. Thank you for keeping us informed.