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                                  • I generally have Code places open all the time as I find it much better navigating around the code with it (though I wish it had a single click feature)... Anyway this support tick is to do when viewing the DIFF code - when comparing code from one GIT/SVN/ADO source control commit with a previous one and it opens both in one window - the Code Places screen in on BOTH panels which mean there is not a lot of room left to actually view the code - especially when I have vertical tabs as well as the solution/properties window open on the side.

                                    Not sure if it's possible but could we just "unpin " the code places temporary for this view (or an option not to have it at all)

                                    Every time I view the source control diff code I have to unpin the code places, then pin it again when I go back to my normal code.


                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 03.22.2019

                                  Hi Alan,
                                  I have reproduced the issue. Please give us some time to research the situation in details and find a way to resolve the problem. Thank you for your patience!

                                • Alan Middleton 03.22.2019

                                  Excellent, I'll leave it in your capable hands :)

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                                • Alan Middleton 03.27.2019

                                  Excellent, much better - many thanks for implementing this!

                                • Alex Eg (DevExpress) 03.28.2019

                                  You are welcome, Alan! Thank you for the valuable feedback that helps to improve our products!