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                                You should refresh the page.
                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 03.20.2019
                                  btw - i think it makes sense that you update your answer above - one has to use at least preview3 - i had preview1 which did not work.

                                  with preview3 everything is ok
                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 03.20.2019
                                  Yeah, already did that:-)
                                • Martin Praxmarer - DevExpress MVP 03.20.2019
                                  if this envolves it would be interessting to get some performance comparisons - if there are any gains specific for XAF when runnung under core 3.0 - i am still not sure if there is still an ngen for dotnetcore
                                • Dennis (DevExpress Support) 03.20.2019

                                  This is a very good question, Noxe, because this is one of the migration motivations for .NET users.

                                  Hopefully, we will answer it with numbers when we and Microsoft finish all the .NET Core 3.0-related work and optimizations, since it is too early to judge at this stage.

                                • Achmad Mulyadi 05.22.2019
                                  Wow, too good to be true. But hell yeah it's happening, .NET Core 3 here I come.

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