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                                Hello Thomas,

                                Our ASP.NET Core RichEdit is in the CTP version right now. It doesn't support all the features of the ASP.NET MVC RichEdit control.
                                Right now, ASP.NET Core RichEdit doesn't support DOCVARIABLE fields and doesn't provide the CalculateDocumentVariable event. We plan to introduce this feature in future releases.
                                I recommend you review the settings of ASP.NET Core RichEdit document article.


                                • Thomas Reichenberger 04.10.2019

                                  I just noticed that Version 19.1.1 (Preview) for ASP.NET core already contains the DOCVARIALBE feature for dynamic content, can you please provide a code sample how to use the  CalculateDocumentVariable method?

                                • Lanette (DevExpress Support) 04.11.2019


                                  To accomplish this task, you can use the client-side CalculateDocumentVariable event in the following way:

                                  @(Html.DevExpress().RichEdit("rich") .Width("100%") .OnCalculateDocumentVariable("function(s,e) { if(e.variableName == 'test') { e.value = 'ok'; e.handled = true; } }") )

                                  In this event handler enable e.handled and set the e.value property to the required value based on the e.variableName value.
                                  Note that starting with the Beta version, it is not necessary to enable e.handled explicitly in this scenario in cases when you set the e.value property. Let us know if this approach meets your requirements or you need to process document variables and fill them with values on the server side.

                                • Thomas Reichenberger 04.14.2019

                                  Is there a chance to handle the event also on the server side (like the ASP.NET MVC RichEdit control does)?

                                  public CalculateDocumentVariableEventHandler CalculateDocumentVariable { get; set; }
                                • Lanette (DevExpress Support) 04.15.2019


                                  Currently, ASP.NET Core RichEdit doesn't provide such a server-side event. I've passed your request to our developers. We will examine the capability to implement it in the future. However, I cannot provide you with ETA on when it will be available.