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                                  • In list view we used batchedit First enter one value in column1 after enter in column1 I click Down Arrow in Keyboard. That time the second row column1 value i want to enter. but it is not working. When I Click the Arrow the focus still in the column1

                                • Gosha (DevExpress Support) 02.12.2019


                                  This issue relates to how our ASPxGridView keyboard navigation behaves in Batch edit mode. You can see the same functionality in the Batch Editing and Updating demo. I've forwarded this ticket to our ASP.NET team for a follow-up. In XAF, you can access the grid and customize its settings as described in the Access Grid Control Properties article.

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                                I have attached a sample project to demonstrate how you can implement custom navigation in Batch Edit mode using the approach demonstrated in the following example:
                                OBSOLETE - ASPxGridView - How to implement navigation by Up/Left/Down/Right buttons when the Batch Edit mode is used

                                I slightly changed the mentioned approach to enable custom navigation only if an end user starts editing a cell.
                                Otherwise, default navigation is used to change a focused cell using the arrows keys.

                                Please check the attached sample and let me know whether or not this solution meets your requirements.