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                                  • Hi Support,

                                    I got problems using "cxSchedulerWebServiceStorage" and "dxGoogleAPIOAuth2AuthorizationAgent". When I try to get a connection with google there is an error generated:

                                    Title: Error 401.(OAuth2Error!!)1

                                    Error 401. That's an error.
                                    Error: Invalid_client
                                    The OAuth client was not found
                                    Request Details
                                    Thta's all we know.

                                    The calender in google is public. The authorization data is correct. Could you please send me a simple running example how to use the planner with google calendar?

                                    Thanks in advance.

                                    Michael Lorenz

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.12.2019

                                  Hello Michael,

                                  This error may occur if your client application is not registered. Please review our ..\ExpressScheduler\Demos\Delphi\WebServiceDemo demo and check to see if you can connect to your calendar with it. This demo contains a small description on how to setup authorization for Google and Microsoft calendars.

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                                Hey Paulo,
                                thanks for your quick reply. It seems that the demo is working correctly. The mian point is to create an API OAuth2 access via google. There are some errors and problems but I have access to my calendar.