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                                  • Hello, attached screencast with a newly created bug in CodeRush.

                                    Steps to reproduce:

                                    1. Create a method surrounded by a region
                                    2. Use vs to add method parameter
                                    3. Type variable name, i.e. myParam

                                    The first letter is written to a variable, with the next letter cursor is moved up and the rest of param name is written to a region name.

                                    public readonly struct Class1 { #region private methodsyParam private void MethodName(string m) { } #endregion }
                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 02.12.2019

                                  Hi Karel,

                                  Thank you for informing us about this problem.
                                  I was managed to reproduce this.
                                  Please give us some time to prepare the correction. We will let you know when the changes are ready.

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