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                                  • Hi,

                                    I've just updated our DevExpress controls from 18.1.4 to 18.2.4 and have discovered the TdxPDFViewer control no longer renders some PDF documents correctly. In the attached example if you open the file "Inspection Report.pdf" in Adobe Acrobat viewer you will see text and graphics on page 1. When opened with dxPDFViewer this is missing. When this example project was built using 18.1.4 of the controls the document opened and rendered correctly.

                                    I am happy for this issue to be made public if the attached example file is removed as it contains confidential information.

                                    Many thanks for any help you can give me.

                                    Kind regards,
                                    Ryan Critchley

                                    [Attachment removed by DevExpress]

                                • Mikhail (DevExpress Support) 02.11.2019


                                  Thank you for the file. We will examine the issue.

                                • Iain McWilliams 02.11.2019

                                  Hi Mikhail,

                                  Please remove the attachment and I'm happy for you to make the ticket public.

                                  Kind regards,
                                  Ryan Critchley

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