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                                  • [DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM T712764: Header and Footer scaling problems on 4K monitor]
                                    Thank you Paulo.

                                    I am glad to hear that you have managed to replicate the first problem.

                                    Regarding the second problem, I have spent the whole day trying to work out where the issue was.
                                    I have finally discovered that it was related to the width of the DevExpress components placed on the dxLayout.
                                    When the width of the cx components goes over certain threshold, e.g. over 900 , the Preview/Print displays the headers and footers correctly (except for the scaling issue that you have already confirmed), but the Export to PDF (run from the Preview) totally scrambles the headers and footers, displaying only the first character of each footer section.
                                    This problem occurs only if displayed on a monitor with scaling > 100%, e.g. on my 4K monitor with 150% scaling.
                                    Standard HD monitors always display the headers and footers correctly when exported to PDF.
                                    I have created a small project to demonstrate this issue and included the exe file, so you can see immediately the problem, without compiling it.
                                    Please report this bug to your developers and I hope that both issues will be addressed in the next DevExpress VCL release (18.2.5).
                                    I don't want to change the width of all cx components in all project forms, only because of this PDF printing issue.
                                    Best regards

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