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                                  • Hi,

                                    We dynamically create a table with a variable series of columns, sometimes we need a TcxRichEditProperties based column which we include rich text to be able to include hyperlinks to other areas of the application (this is done by masking a TcxRichEdit in the background mirroring the column bounds).

                                    However the displayed rich text seems to wrap the text despite the TcxRichEditProperties.WordWrap property being False.  As we have long filenames in part of the text the entire filename is blank as though it's wrapped when we would very much prefer the text to be clipped at the end of the column.  As shown in the attached document when we expand the column the text shows fine.

                                    Is there a way of making the column clip the text at the end, rather than removing the entire word (or in this case the long filename)?



                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.08.2019

                                  Hello Ross,

                                  This behavior looks strange. It seems that the WordWrap property has no effect on RichEdit columns in display mode, though it has effect in edit mode. I have forwarded this ticket to our developers for research.
                                  Meanwhile, the most appropriate workaround I see is to use Memo or TextEdit properties for these cells. You can use the column's OnGetProperties event to assign Memo properties to these columns where you do not need to display hyperlinks.

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