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                                  • Hi Support,
                                    Please Image for more details.
                                    I am using xrbarcode and I added collection to report.
                                    I want to add barcodes to report.
                                    if barcode size is less than the size of control then show barcode as it is.
                                    if barcode size is greater than the size of control the show resized barcode.

                                    if (SelectedWarehouseLocation != null && SelectedWarehouseLocation.Count != 0) { warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation1.Font = new System.Drawing.Font(Application.Current.MainWindow.FontFamily.Source, 65, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold); warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation2.Font = new System.Drawing.Font(Application.Current.MainWindow.FontFamily.Source, 65, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold); warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation3.Font = new System.Drawing.Font(Application.Current.MainWindow.FontFamily.Source, 70, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold); if (SelectedIndexLabelSize == 1) { warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation1.WidthF = 130; warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation1.HeightF = 58; warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation1.Font = new System.Drawing.Font(Application.Current.MainWindow.FontFamily.Source, 40, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold); warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation2.LocationF = new PointF(130F, 0F); warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation2.WidthF = 130; warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation2.HeightF = 58; warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation2.Font = new System.Drawing.Font(Application.Current.MainWindow.FontFamily.Source, 40, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold); warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation3.WidthF = 118; warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation3.HeightF = 143; warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation3.LocationF = new PointF(260F, 0F); warehoseLocationsReport.xrlblLocation3.Font = new System.Drawing.Font(Application.Current.MainWindow.FontFamily.Source, 30, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold); warehoseLocationsReport.xrLocationBarCode.LocationF = new PointF(1.21F, 57F); warehoseLocationsReport.xrLocationBarCode.WidthF = 260; // 285; warehoseLocationsReport.xrLocationBarCode.HeightF = 86; //warehoseLocationsReport.xrLocationBarCode.AutoModule = true; warehoseLocationsReport.xrPictureBoxDirection.LocationF = new PointF(378F, 0F); warehoseLocationsReport.xrPictureBoxDirection.WidthF = 107; warehoseLocationsReport.xrPictureBoxDirection.HeightF = 143; } DocumentPreviewWindow window = new DocumentPreviewWindow() { WindowState = WindowState.Maximized }; window.PreviewControl.DocumentSource = warehoseLocationsReport; warehoseLocationsReport.CreateDocument(); window.Show(); }
                                • Dmitry Tok (DevExpress Support) 02.07.2019

                                  Hi Sagar,

                                  First, I'd like to clarify why you think that the barcodes displayed on the left are not OK? Are they not readable by the barcode scanner or you want to make the bars width similar for all printed bar codes except those that are wider than the controls area? I suggest that you review the AutoModule property help topic describing how this property affects the barcode output.

                                  If you want to define width of the narrowest bar manually using the Module property and then operate with this property value only when the bar code displays an error, you can handle the XRBarCode.BeforePrint event and call the Validate() method there. Thus, you can operate with the Module property value in a loop and call that method each time, until it returns no errors.


                                • Sagar Khade 02.12.2019

                                  Hi Dmitry Tok,

                                  I tried with automodule property but scanner is not reading barcode.
                                  But I want to try this XRBarCode.BeforePrint event.

                                  How I can achieve this using WPF MVVM pattern.

                                • Yaroslav (DevExpress Support) 02.12.2019

                                  Hi Sagar,
                                  Allow me to follow up with you on this matter.
                                  >>I tried with automodule property but scanner is not reading barcode.
                                  Apparently, you're trying to encode a lot of data: the more data there is, the larger your barcode should be. If you don't enlarge your barcode and enableAutoModule instead, a single bar can become so small that is cannot be recognized by a scanner device: Bar Code Recognition Specifics.
                                  Let us know if this clarifies the situation. See also: How do you determine the size of an XRBarCode?


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