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                                  • We are receiving an "Out of System Resources" error message when clicking on the column header (ie, A, B, C) of the ExpressSpreadsheet component when running on a Windows Terminal Server. (It does not error out on our workstation machines).

                                    This error occurred in one of our projects, and we've been able to replicate the error using the attached demo project.

                                    The server is running in a cloud datacentre.

                                    The guest OS we have access to and are running on is:

                                    Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit
                                    6GB RAM
                                    Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz Processor

                                    48GB Free on SSD

                                    At the time of error, only 3.48GB of RAM is being used.

                                    This occurs on 18.2.3, and also occurs on 18.2.4

                                    This does not occur when we run on workstation computers, just on the server.

                                    Just wondering if you have any thoughts on to why this might be occurring?

                                    Thanks & Regards


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                                • AlexE 02.04.2019

                                  I have same problem on end user machine - windows 2003 Server using mstsc.exe
                                  on my machine - Wind ows 10 problem not reproduced:(

                                • Adam H. 02.04.2019

                                  Interesting. In this instance we're also connecting via a terminal server session, so I wonder if it's related to terminal services.  Thanks AlexE for confirming that I'm not the only one with this issue, and your specs!

                                • AlexE 02.05.2019

                                  I send to user debug-exe with Eureka - may be library show error.
                                  Also my enduser confirm what problem exist on Windows 2003 Server and not RDP.
                                  On same application, building on DX 17.2.11 problem not exists, but i am migrate from 17.2 to 18.2 without 18.1.

                                • AlexE 02.05.2019

                                  i have reproduced error on Windows 2003 on RDP - problem exists. But Eureka can not call stack - only simple exception "Неверный дескриптор" and what all:(.
                                  Problem is urgent.

                                • AlexE 02.05.2019

                                  Now I can't debug on Windows Server 2003.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.05.2019

                                  Hello Adam and AlexE,

                                  I do not have an RDP system for tests right now. However, I have reproduced a similar error with the Windows Server 2003 virtual machine. Would you please help me test a solution? Modify the TdxSpreadSheetTableViewSelectionViewInfo.Draw method in the dxSpreadSheetCore.pas file in the following manner and check the result. Does it solve the problem?

                                  procedure TdxSpreadSheetTableViewSelectionViewInfo.Draw(ACanvas: TcxCanvas; AStage: TdxSpreadSheetDrawingStage); var AClipRect: TRect; AGpCanvas: TdxGPPaintCanvas; ARect: TRect; I: Integer; begin if (AStage = dsFirst) and (FillAreas.Count > 0) and (GetClipBox(ACanvas.Handle, AClipRect) > NULLREGION) then begin if cxRectIntersect(AClipRect, AClipRect, BoundsRect) then begin AGpCanvas := dxGPPaintCanvas; AGpCanvas.BeginPaint(ACanvas.Handle, AClipRect); try AGpCanvas.SaveClipRegion; try AGpCanvas.SetClipRect(FocusedCellBounds, gmExclude); for I := 0 to FillAreas.Count - 1 do begin ARect := FillAreas[I]; if cxRectIntersect(ARect, ARect, AClipRect) then begin AGpCanvas.FillRectangle(ARect, FillBrush); AGpCanvas.SetClipRect(ARect, gmExclude); end; end; finally AGpCanvas.RestoreClipRegion; end; finally AGpCanvas.EndPaint; end; end; end; FrameViewInfo.Draw(ACanvas, AStage); end;
                                • AlexE 02.05.2019

                                  Hello, Paulo once again :)
                                  I change sources and recompile. On Windows 2003 Server with RDP no problems.
                                  On Windows FCU 10 no problem :)
                                  One question still open - why only Windows 2003? But i don't try Windows 2008.

                                • AlexE 02.05.2019

                                  As i understand now you may change topic status to Fixed :)

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.05.2019


                                  Thanks. I am happy to hear that this solution helps.


                                  I see that your initial report was related to the Windows Server 2008 R2 system. Would you please test the patch I provided with your scenario?

                                • Adam H. 02.05.2019

                                  Hi Paulo,

                                  Thanks very much for the solution. We've tested that our end, and it appears to have solved the problem for us as well.

                                  Again -thank you for your prompt response to this.

                                  Best Regards


                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 02.05.2019

                                  Great! Thank you for sharing your test results. We will fix this problem in future buids.

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