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                                  • When the popup window of the current cell's inplace editor is open, using the mouse wheel should NOT scroll the grid.

                                    To reproduce:
                                    - run the ExpressQuantumGrid Feature Demo
                                    - on the left side select 'Fixed Data Rows'
                                    - using the mouse open the popup window in the 'Company' column of one of the rows that is not fixed, e.g. the fifth row
                                    - move the mouse cursor outside the popup window but inside the grid
                                    - use the mouse wheel to scroll
                                    - the popup window stays open but is not place next to the current active editor

                                    This is only present on Windows 10. Using Windows 7 the grid does not respond to the mouse wheel.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.23.2019


                                  Thanks. I have reproduced this behavior with our demo. It may take us some time to examine this scenario.

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