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                                  • Hello,

                                    i am using your TcxScheduler and TdxRangeControl and cannot figure out, how to set range selection only to one week...on create there is selected only one week as desired, because i have Scheduler.Selected days set on start and end of a current week, however, if i click anywhere else in RangeControl, range scale changes from one week to two weeks and i can only stretch it more, but not crunch it to one week again.

                                    I am attaching screenshot, so as you can see what my problem is. 

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.22.2019

                                  Hello Miroslav,

                                  We need to replicate your scenario to correctly answer your question. Would you please modify the attached project so we can reproduce this behavior on our machines? Thanks in advance.

                                • Miroslav Novotny 01.22.2019

                                  Hello Paulo,

                                  i have modified your project by one simple way, so that it looks just like our view, that is, i disabled ViewWeek CanShow property. I don't know if this is mistake on your side, however i just found out how this "failure" behaves.

                                  If we want to preserve our actual view (ViewWeeks), we have to disable ViewWeek.Canshow property. In this manner Scheduler area is arranged in continuous columns next to each other, in one single row, as wanted. However it seems, that the minimal selected range in RangeControl is 2 weeks, but we want it to be only one week.

                                  Scaling by one week is possible through enabling ViewWeek.CanShow property, but it doesn't preserve Scheduler layout. In fact, it changes it so that there are multiple rows, which we do not want.

                                  Optimal scenario is that ViewWeek.CanShow property is disabled which makes no changes in layout and user can set the minimal scale in RangeControl to one week!.

                                  So far we couldn't find any combination of properties, which would enable such behaviour, so we want to ask if this functionality is even possible to achieve and this option is provided on your side?

                                  Thank you very much for your answers.

                                  I am attaching project from you with enabled property so that you see mentioned behaviour.

                                • Miroslav Novotny 01.22.2019

                                  *correction - i meant disabled property in last row

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 01.23.2019

                                  Thanks, Miroslav. You are right. It seems that the Range Control cannot select less than 2 weeks in this case. It is possible to do this in Scheduler, but not in TdxRangeControl. It may take us some time to examine this scenario and find an appropriate solution.

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