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                                  • Hello,

                                    I am using Delphi 10.1 with your controls.

                                    I am using BarManager for the tool bars - and I have that part figured out. I have other controls like cxTreeList, cxbuttons, etc., spread over many forms. Some are using ImageLists, some have the images put right on the buttons, etc.  It is an older project and a little bit of a mix of how they did it.

                                    Is there a 'best' way to set this up?  If I change almost everything to be using image lists where possible - and I have two image lists with exactly the same images - one with 16x16 images and one with 32x32 images - is there an global way to change what images are used in the GUI?  Other than manually changing each button, control, etc.??  IS there a way to setup your controls so that I can change the image sizes on mass?   There will be however, a number of buttons and some controls that I do not want to change as well...


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                                Hello Bradley,

                                Let me answer your questions sequentially:

                                1. "Is there a 'best' way to set this up?"

                                I think that the best approach is to use as many image lists as possible. It is more convenient to modify image lists than separate images.

                                2. "Is there an global way to change what images are used in the GUI?"

                                There is no such a way. The most appropriate approach is to assign different images to corresponding properties. For example, you can use the ImageOptions.Images and ImageOptions.LargeImages properties for the TdxBarManager control.

                                If you need to change your images to support different DPI modes in your application, take a look at the "How to Create a Per-Monitor DPI-Aware Application" help topic. It contains some useful hints.