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                                  • Hello.

                                    I have a chart with 3 percentage-type value series, and need to get adicional data. This data is a total, common to the 3 series on each argument. Here is the html code:

                                    <dx:BootstrapChart runat="server" ID="BC_Line_EntregasMidias" EncodeHtml="True" AdjustOnZoom="true"  >
                                    <SettingsCommonSeries ArgumentField="Dia"></SettingsCommonSeries>
                                    <dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries ValueField="Concluidos" Name="Total" ShowInLegend="false" Visible="false"></dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries>
                                    <dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries ValueField="PComFoto" Name="Com Foto" TagField="ComFoto"></dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries>
                                    <dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries ValueField="PComProtocolo" Name="Com Protocolo Digital" TagField="ComProtocolo"></dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries>
                                    <dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries ValueField="PComKm" Name="Com Km" TagField="ComKm"></dx:BootstrapChartLineSeries>
                                    <SettingsZoomAndPan AllowMouseWheel="true" AllowTouchGestures="true" ValueAxis="Both" ArgumentAxis="Both"></SettingsZoomAndPan>
                                    <SettingsToolTip Enabled="true" OnClientCustomizeTooltip="onBLinhasEntregasMidiasCustomizeTollTip" ZIndex="10000"  Shared="true"></SettingsToolTip>
                                    <SettingsLegend HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" ItemTextPosition="Bottom" />
                                    <dx:BootstrapChartValueAxis ValueType="System.Double" TickInterval="10"  TitleText="(%)" />

                                    The adicional data is for every argument (common to the 3 series), not for every point (I am already using TagField).
                                    I tried to get around this with another series (name="Total"), not shown on the chart, showing the data on shared customized tooltip for every argument, but it doesn't work.

                                    Is there a way to achieve this?


                                • Lanette (DevExpress Support) 01.14.2019


                                  Currently, your task is not completely clear. Where do you need to use values of this extra total series? Do you need to display the data as labels in the chart or as an extra line? Please describe your requirements and task in greater detail. This will help us provide you with the most suitable approach.

                                • DANIEL SANTOS 6 01.14.2019

                                  Hi, Lanette.

                                  Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.
                                  I need to use it on the tooltip.
                                  My common argument axis is "Days".
                                  It would be a value from the database, for each "Day", it would appear on all 3 series points' tooltips in that "Day".
                                  It is not a sum of the 3 series points necessarily, so I have to bring from database, instead of just adding shared point values.

                                • Lanette (DevExpress Support) 01.15.2019


                                  We need additional time to examine this scenario. Please bear with us.

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                                In your code I see that you're already using TagField for your series. In general, the most appropriate approach to use additional data from the server for tooltip customization is to provide it via TagField.
                                In your scenario, to pass extra values in addition to the values you already transfer, you can store a complex object with several fields in this field:

                                <SettingsCommonSeries ArgumentField="VZA" Type="Bar" ValueField="Count" TagField="RootID" />
                                model.Add(new Data() { Count = 4, VZA = "DAY1", RootID = new TagClass { name = "abc1", tagval = "xyz1" });

                                This complex object will be automatically serialized in the resulting JSON data when passing the data to the client.
                                Then, you can obtain the required field of this object in the OnClientCustomizeTooltip event handler from the arguments.point.tag property and use this value to customize the tooltip as shown in the Tooltip demo:

                                function OnCustomizeTooltip(args) { return { html: args.point.tag.tagval } }

                                Let us know if this approach meets your requirements.