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                                  •  Hi ,

                                    When selection by checkbox is enabled, it is sometimes sufficient for the end user to see the check.

                                    Thus, how to prevent the selectedrows to be in a different color?

                                    I like them to have the same appearance as other rows.

                                    See example. I dont want selected rows to be different from the top one.

                                    Thank you

                                1 Solution

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                                Although there is no option to prevent selected rows from using the GridViewAppearances.SelectedRow appearance you can use the AppearanceObject.BackColor property or handle the GridView.RowStyle event to adjust it. Please try these approaches and let us know if they work for you.

                                • olivier FAIVRE 01.17.2019

                                  I've tried this approach but I'm not sure wich standard appearance to use to get the correct backcolor.

                                  For instance, in the rowstyle event, I cant know if the row is even or not to chosse the correct appearance.

                                  Do you have a sample to do it correctly?


                                • Vladislav (DevExpress Support) 01.17.2019


                                  The easiest way to achieve the desired behavior is to use the approach from the Group row and selected rows background appearance on GridMultiSelectMode.CheckBoxRowSelect mode. thread and set the Appearance.SelectedRow.BackColor property to Color.Transparent.
                                  Please try this approach and let me know if you need further assistance.